Feed and Water

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in both the wellness and production of our cows. Our commitment to the proper care, comfort and nutrition of our cows includes making sure that each calf, heifer, and cow receives the proper nutrition each day based on their age, pregnancy status, milking status, and many other factors. We utilize the services of a professional dairy nutritionist who is on the farm at least one day each week to help us formulate and balance the daily feed rations with the needs of the cows.

Dairy Nutrition

Each cow’s daily nutritional needs are slightly different. For example, a cow that is milking will eat roughly 100 pounds of feed each day (hay, grain, silage, proteins, etc) while a dry cow (one that is not milking) needs less. To help make sure that each cow receives the proper daily nutrition we utilize several best-practices for nutrition

free choice dairy feed

TMR – TMR stands for Total Mixed Ration

This is the process of grinding and combining each of the different types of feed the cows need.  As an example, corn silage, alfalfa hay, and other feed sources are ground to a similar size and all mixed together. This feeding method prevents picky cows from sorting through the available feed to eat only the things they like to eat best and leaving other cows without those nutrients. The composition of our TMR is determined by the nutritionist through the testing of the raw components, (like the hay, silage, etc.) and the mixing of the correct proportions of each type of feed, mineral, or other supplement.

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Free Choice Feed

Our cows are able to eat whenever they are hungry. We keep fresh piles of the Total Mixed Ration available to the cows 24 hours each day allowing the cows to eat small meals as they need to. Lean more about our feed production.


Fresh Water

Fresh water is one of the most vital components to a healthy cow herd.  Each cow will drink between 25 and 35 gallons of water each day depending on the weather. Our free stall barns are configured to allow the cows access to fresh, clean water at any time.  Our automatic waterers are replenished as the cows drink ensuring that the water supply is always fresh. Multiple waterers are positioned in each barn so that water is always close the cows and to prevent crowding around any one waterer.

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