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Clardale Farms Canal Fulton, Ohio

Clardale Farms, Inc. is a fifth generation family-owned dairy farm in Stark County, Ohio. The name “Clardale Farms” originates from Dale and Clara Rohr who started the farm. Today, four generations are involved in the ownership and operation of the dairy including three of Dale and Clara’s ten children; Bruce, Dennis and Tim, and grandson Frank Burkett III, who own and manage the dairy farm.

We currently milk 690 Holstein cows, 3 times each day producing approximately 6000 gallons of milk every 24 hours. In addition to the cows we are milking, we also have another 800 replacement heifers being grown as future cows for the dairy operation.

We farm 800 acres in both Jackson and Lawrence townships, consisting of 250 acres of alfalfa hay, 450 acres of corn, 60 acres of wheat and 40 acres of soybeans. We feed all of the crops we produce to our own cows and purchase additional feed from a select group of other local farmers.


Commitment to dairy cowsOur Commitment to Our Cows

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a dairy farm. Of those, maintaining a healthy and productive herd of cows is the most important. Each of the family members and our team members are strongly committed to the health and welfare of all the animals here at the farm.  From the basic comfort of the cows to their nutrition, and veterinary care, we utilize the best known methods of caring for our cows.

Our Neighbors

We farm in a fairly populated area of Ohio (in both Lawrence and Jackson Townships of Stark County). We are always mindful of our many neighbors and do our best to be good neighbors to them.

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