Manure Management

proper-manure-storageOne of the most important aspects of environmental sustainability for a dairy farm is manure management.  Capturing, processing, storing, and utilizing the cow manure our farm creates is key to our long-term success.

The urine and manure our cows create is captured in a closed loop system that separates solids from liquids. Manure is removed from our free stall barns 3 times each day. This system also separates the sand bedding for recycling.

We utilize all of the manure products created on the farm to increase soil quality in our crop farming operations. The solid manure is spread on our fields to increase soil fertility. The liquid manure, urine, and rinse water from the dairy is stored in our manure lagoon for up to nine months until it can also be spread on our fields. As the manure products are spread, we immediately incorporate them into the soils using one of several tillage methods.

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