Calf Barn

Calf Barn

At Clardale Farms we utilize a separate calf barn where we raise our youngest calves in preparation for their life in our dairy. In this area, we house calves from newborns up to 4 months of age. The calves are separated into groups based on the age and size of the calves. This is done so that each calf can receive the proper nutrition at all stages of growth based on the calf’s development, age, and size.

Immediately following their birth and as soon as they can stand newborn calves receive colostrum. (is this from the cow, or from concentrate?)  Colostrum is the first milk a cow produces and it is very important that newborn calves receive the proper amount and quality colostrum.  Colostrum contains important antibodies or immunoglobulins (essential proteins) necessary to provide the calf with protection from disease for the first 1-2 months until the calf’s own immune system develops.

The calves are placed in individual hutches for the first 3 to 7 days and are fed with bottles of milk two times per day. During this early stage of the calf’s life, they are monitored very closely for any signs of stress or sickness and our dairymen interact with the calves several times each day.

When the calves reach approximately 7 days of age, they are combined into a group and are placed into a larger pen. These pens have dry, clean bedding, temperature control, and provide free choice access to high quality feed.  Our calf barn features computerized automatic milk feeders that allow our young calves to drink fresh milk anytime they need it. The milk is made on demand from concentrated dry milk and warm water. This gives our growing calves the freshest and most consistent supply of nutrition on a customized meal plan.


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